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Our Team

BrandWolf Creative is powered by a dynamic duo, Andree Bell and Chris Bell, whose expertise spans marketing, sales, design, and even the occasional witty remark. With a diverse clientele in mind, they're ready to unleash their creative fury and conquer the digital realm.

Andreé Bell

Co-Founder and Head of Marketing & Sales

Andree's got over 15 years of experience in account management, sales, and marketing. She's danced with dragons in various sectors, honing her skills to slay the fiercest marketing challenges. With a keen eye for strategy and a knack for making customers feel like royalty, Andree's here to make BrandWolf howl with success.

  • Masterminding BrandWolf's marketing extravaganza, from cunning strategies to shameless self-promotion.

  • Cat-herding sales operations to not just meet but exceed revenue targets, all while keeping her cool.

  • Building fortresses of trust with key accounts and forging alliances with strategic partners.

  • Ensuring customer satisfaction reaches levels even the most demanding internet cats would approve of.

Chris Bell

Co-Founder and Creative Director

With 35 years in graphic design, including two decades of kicking butt in the footwear industry, Chris is the Michelangelo of pixels. He's sculpted masterpieces for bigwigs and startups alike, cementing his place in the pantheon of visual branding gods. Chris doesn't just make things pretty; he turns them into art that moves, inspires, and occasionally makes you want to buy shoes you don't need.

  • Dreaming up BrandWolf's digital dreamscape, from pixelated fantasies to user-friendly utopias.

  • Commanding the design battlefield and leading the charge in the war against blandness.

  • Crafting marketing materials so magnetic, they could make a fridge jealous.

  • Collaborating with suppliers to ensure everything looks as good online as it does in our dreams.

Our Approach

Andree's strategic finesse combined with Chris's creative wizardry is the secret sauce of BrandWolf. Together, they're a force to be reckoned with, ensuring BrandWolf not only dominates the digital landscape but does it with style, flair, and just the right amount of sass.

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